Nadin Petro Core Kish company (NPC). Founded in 2009. Before the Islamic Revolution of Iran, coring operations had been implemented by American companies. After revolution and imposition of sanctions there were no company for running this service with modern technology.  NPC developed coring equipment with heavy duty threads in 2009 and made big advantage in Iran coring industry. Since 2009, the company has continuously increased it’s capabilities to move on the edge of the knowledge.

NPC was equipped with 21 core barrels in 2010, for undertaking the biggest coring challenges in Persian Gulf offshore fields.

The first workshop of this company was equipped in Kish Island in 2009 and gradually with the expansion of projects, two more workshops were set up in Ahvaz Industrial Zone 3 and Najafabad Industrial Town of Isfahan.

For the first time in the Iran oil industry, NPC implemented successful unconsolidated formation coring job in Soroush Field in 2011 and Oriented Coring Job in Salman Field in 2015 for IOOC company.

During this period, valuable records have been recorded in the name of this company, which include:

– Average recovery factor above 95% after 12km of core cutting.

– 100% recovery factor in the South Pars Field

– Running 12 core barrels with a length of 110.57 meters in phase 13 of South Pars field and recover 110.57-meter core, which is unique in the world.

-The only coring company of Iran which provides service in Iraq.

– The only coring company that also provides core analysis services to the clients.